Amazing Before/ After Pictures from Horse on NaturalHoof

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This horse was diagnosed with having White Line Disease (fungal infection of the inner layer of the hoof wall) in December of 2015. The horse had the infected portion of his inner hoof wall debrided to remove the infection

.Hoof after debridement of infected area. The wall was not growing back fast enough for the veterinarian and farrier.

Because of this, healthy hoof growth was incredibly important. The horse was on a complete feed that contained all of the vitamins and trace minerals that the horse needed but was not growing back the hoof wall fast enough to replace the missing sections. 

The veterinarian and farrier didn't want to throw off the balance of trace minerals that were already present in the horse's diet so they put him on NaturalHoof to increase hoof growth.  As you can see in the below picture, the hoof wall began growing back stronger and healthier than it was even before the disease. 

Hoof after 3 months of NaturalHoof

The owner, veterinarian and farrier are very happy with the quality and effectiveness of the NaturalHoof product and sent us these pictures and this story as a "Thank you!"