About Us


Created by Kentucky veterinarians with the busy horse-owner in mind, the goal of Performance Equine Products is to keep your horses' hooves in their healthiest, most natural state. Whether you own million-dollar racehorses, a world-class competition horse or, most importantly, a beloved best friend, your horse deserves to be the best they can be. We challenge you to put our products to the test to achieve performance and quality of life you never thought possible for your horse.

With a specific concoction to do everything from calm the Nervous Nellie to improve the way a horse moves, it’s no wonder we are a nation of equine owners who over supplement their mounts. Though the equine nutritional supplement industry was a $550 million market in 2012 (and that figure keeps going up!), the majority of horses, when given adequate access to pasture and hay, don’t require additional supplements to stay healthy.

For all of these reasons, it’s in the best interest of your horse, your wallet and your busy schedule to provide only those additional vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep the horse operating at peak performance.

Nowhere in the world is the commitment to being the best better understood than in the heart of horse country: Central Kentucky. With some of the best and brightest veterinarians clustered in the Bluegrass to care for the world’s most elite equine athletes, it should come as no surprise that cutting-edge innovations and ideas emerge from this region on a routine basis.

Our products make hoofcare easy for owners of horses with chronically bad feet. These horses benefit from the blend of minerals, fatty acids and anti-oxidants in our supplement without the costly negative effects of over supplementation. The Sole Support Material allows your horse to get full support while standing in a stall on a cold winter day or on a trailer on their way to competition. You never have to think twice about missing a show because your horse's feet fell apart on the trailer!