Oversupplementing Your Horse

We all want to take care of our horse in the best way possible. For years this has meant feeding our performance horses a complete feed as well as every supplement that we think that they could need. The prevailing wisdom has always told us that "they will just pee out what they don't need".  

What we are finding from talking to experts and horse owners is that, the more we supplement trace minerals and vitamins randomly, the more our horses hooves fall apart. There are no good studies on this yet. We expect something to come out in the next couple of years but, in the meantime, we are hearing a lot of anecdotal evidence. How many times have you thought to yourself, "I'm doing everything right! Why are my horses' hooves worse than ever?" 

The current thinking among many equine podiatrists that we have talked to is that over-supplementation is becoming more of a problem than lack of nutrients. We are taxing the kidneys of the horse by making them filter out all of the over-supplemented trace minerals and, because of that extra work, they are not able to pass on the right minerals that are actually necessary for the horses' hooves. 

This is our mission in equine care. To get rid of the unnecessary expense and detriment of one-size-fits-all supplementation and to get back to the basics of what a horse truly needs. If your horse is on a complete feed and is healthy other than a poor hoof quality, NaturalHoof is for you. It contains Biotin, Calcium and the perfect blend of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids to promote quality hoof growth without taxing the kidneys of the horse. 

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